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I love to customize my services!

Life Coaching: 

My approach is to help each individual to create a personal BE-Print™ which reflects their personal life principles. Aligning beliefs, principles, and actions is the fastest way to reduce stress and increase success. I am a master listener. 

Relationship Coaching:

Helping couples and parents explore their beliefs, principles & actions. Learn & develop effective communication skills to build a foundation for a strong loving relationship. I specialize in working with preteens and teens. 

Leadership Coaching: 

When I ask leaders what is most challenging for them they always answer - people. Too often leaders turn to coercive strategies (punishment/rewards, guilt/praise) to meet their goals.  This is stressful for everyone.  Understanding and acting based on Perceptual Control Theory will change your life. I have helped leaders in industry, education, non-profits, and justice achieve more with less stress.  Let me help you. 


Facilitation Services:

How & Why decisions are made impacts their success. As a facilitator with over thirty years of experience, I work with you/organization to:

  • design the process, 

  • facilitate your event(s) & sessions

  • create a next-steps plan ​

As an outsider, I see and hear things differently and I am able to move your group to action. 

Graphic Facilitation Servies:

Do you want to deepen your group's idea development?  Let me capture the content visually as we work together.

As a systems thinker images and diagrams expose both the content and the process.  


I've presented everything from keynotes, year-long programs to small group retreats.  Topics have included: facilitating change, brain-based instructional strategies, leadership, coaching strategies, Perceptual Control Theory, graphic facilitation, business writing, performance-based assessment, etc. 

I work best when I can customize a session to fit you and your organization. 

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Wine & Wisdom

Periodically I like to connect with small groups online to share ideas, connect people and provide a platform for shared wisdom. 


The universe has a way of letting us know when it is time to shift our awareness. You may notice ideas and topics suddenly start appearing everywhere in blogs, books, conversations or social media. When I find myself being asked the same question over and over or reading about the same topic I know it is time to create in-depth content on specific topics Webinars are my way of sharing with large groups. Watch for trending topics to appear on my website.  

Image by Amir Jalal
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