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Life Coaching with

Shelley Roy

Soulitude newest episode.

Today is the Day!

Discover within yourself the ability to face life’s challenges calmly and in control of yourself. I will help you learn to make small changes - microshifts -  to develop new ways to think about yourself, what you want and what you are doing to get it. Living your life artfully, being truly present in the moment is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Upcoming Events


How & Why decisions are made impacts their success. As a facilitator with over thirty years of experience, I work with you to:

  • design the process, 

  • facilitate your event(s) &

  • create a next-steps plan 

Deepen idea development by having me act as your graphic facilitator. I capture the content visually because visual images are processed 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of the information taken in by the brain is visual. 


Let me help you reduce stress and create a greater sense of Well-BEing.  I listen deeply for your highest level references and help you recognize whom you want to be


As your personal life coach, I will challenge you to look within to find your own unique answers.  You will discover how to blend your personal strengths, lifestyle, goals and live your desires. 

What makes my style different is I operate from a strong foundation in Perceptual Control Theory. The latest scientific theory of human behavior and motivation. 





Periodically I offer online events or live presentations. I'd love to have you join me. 

I have an online course that consists of 7 lessons for Creating Well-BEing by Crowding Out Stress.  More courses are in development. 




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About Shelley

Considered a leading figure in Perceptual Control Theory, Shelley is an amazing life, leadership and career coach.  She is a master listener who can help you dig deep and rewrite the story of your life. In education, she is known as the Miami Ed Guru.  In justice she is known as the BE-Print Lady and in business as the Leadership Whisperer. 

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