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Meet Shelley

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Shelley A.W. Roy
Life - Leadership - Organization & Pedagogical Coach with over 40 years of experience.

A recognized leader in human resource development, Shelley Roy, has worked with thousands of adults and adolescents in a wide range of situations. For over ten years Ms. Roy provided ongoing facilitation to over seventy improvement teams.


Shelley has worked with individuals coaching them to create and live their personal BE-Print™. The BE-Print™ is a personal blueprint for living, designed to help people reach deep inside to find the answers to life's big questions and live in alignment with their personal beliefs.  Ms. Roy has coached individuals struggling with relationships, parenting, leadership, criminal records, addictions, and career fulfillment.

Ms. Roy has worked in the fields of Justice, Education, Business in both the public and private sectors. She has consulted on a regional, state, national, and international basis on Personal Well-BEing, Leadership, Human Behavior, Change and Transition, Effective Communication, Models of Teaching, Interagency Collaboration, Generational Diversity and other areas related to change and building productive teams.

Known for her ability to listen deeply to facilitate personal reflection using practices based on Perceptual Control Theory Shelley has helped people to write a new story for their life.

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